India unemployment

With the rising rate of unemployment, people are getting more desperate to find a good job that meets their requirements. Unemployment is the main cause of poverty, and in t is on rise. People are thus getting more impatient and are ready to find a job by hook or by crook. In such a situation when people get to know about an employment offer with a free training program, they look nowhere else and just go for it. Most of the unemployed people are so needy and poor that they don’t even bother to research about the offering and get deceived. There are many organizations that are not real and are still operating just to make money.

One such fake organization is Sabal Bharat Sansthan that claims to work for the empowerment and education of the people. The organization is founded by Sunil Gurjar and is doing fraud in the name of free training and development since early 2016. Sunil Gurjar is a fraud himself and has been involved in various scandals for many years.

He started with Bhanwari devi murder case, which caused ripples across the nation, and has been listed as one of the biggest scandals of the country in 2011.

The organization he established is to benefit himself only because he earns by tricking the people. The people are made to believe that they will receive free scholarship, trainings, skill development programs, good education, and even employment by just giving an exam. These people then submit exam fees of INR 560 and then they’re allowed to sit in the Sabal Bharat exam.

The Sabal Bharat Exam is taken to judge the candidates on different levels so that they could qualify for the training programs offered by the organization. The organization collects millions of INR from these candidates in the name of Sabal Bharat Exam and then conducts a so called exam. After the people are done with the exam, the organization ends all the contacts with them. Before the exam is conducted, the candidates are informed that the result will be declared on the website and also sent to the candidates via SMS. However, there is no contact made after that and the people keep waiting for their results.

The website of Sabal Bharat Sansthan is so professionally made that even the wise ones can get deceived. They have lots of pictures, information, and content on their website to claim their genuineness. This way, a lot of people come into their stories and get ready to give the exam. The exam fees may not be too much for a middle class man but for the poor and unemployed ones, it is a big thing. The exam is conducted all across India in various cities and hundred of thousands of people participate in the exam. The organization’s founder Sunil Gurjar has strong political ties and thus no one thinks of pointing towards him.

Now let’s work on the real maths behind this pan Indian exam to defraud people. If you take INR 560 from 10,000,000 people and take them through a phony exam, whose results are never supposed to be declared, but they are told that they will get jobs and training soon, you can make out who gets benefited at the end of the day.

This is not just the story of Sunil Gurjar, but of most phony NGO’s. Sunil has just copied the content and intentions to benefit himself. Why is he so successful with this, and why not others? There are two reasons behind this:

  1. Political Power
  2. Corruption

Sunil Gurjar belongs to that elite class of Political people, who have always considered the poor and needy as their subjects and exploited them for their own needs. Being corrupt and politically backed pays in India, and this elite class of people always gets away with it. If you are being backed by Government you can be a bigger thief or scamster than you might have read in the wildest of novels. That’s what is happening here. Government patronage, corruption, and double-dealing officials backing you up, then whom do you fear. In fact you become so fearless, that you even defraud your own brother in law. Don’t believe me, Read this:

Sunil Gurjar is an influential political person and this is the reason why no one dares to speak against this organization. The organization is still deceiving many unemployed and poor people and taking money from them by conducting the Sabal Bharat Exam. Sabal Bharat Sansthan is a fraud organization and it must be stopped from looting money from the people.