“Your Roofing Might Need Your Attention”

It does not matter that what type of material you have on your head as a roof, after a certain period of time it takes to repair. The inspections of your roof unhide all of the damages and faults which have occurred over the period of time very slowly. Therefore, a thorough inspection is required after a period of every five to eight years to keep your roof in a good shape.


With the daily life going, your roof undergoes and withstands the weather conditions which are damaging the roof very slowly which becomes significant after several years. Many components get mixed with the UV rays of the sun and for the most of your daytime, your roof is bearing it resulting in cracks over time by contracting and expanding. These faults are usually gradual and take a long time to be visible. Some changes can also be sudden such as big cracks caused by the earthquake.


Roof repairs are the necessary actions which should be taken but the question is when to get your roof repaired. For this reason, you should have to get your roof inspected after every 5 to 8 years or after any unconditional weather condition like wind storms etc. Want Roof Repairs in Monroe, WA  


The damage that might be caused by winds and hail can more often result in punctures in the material of the roofing. To cater to this problem, flashing and also the sealant around the penetrations are added. After the completion of roofing, it needs to be checked regularly.


Trees, which are overhanging near your area and are big enough to touch your roof, get themselves rubbed with the roof with the little winds and this causes tearing of the shingles over time. This issue can be resolved by cutting the branches of the trees that are touching your roof.


Rainwater, which gets accumulated on the roof, is an obvious sign of the problem as it can cause leakage of roof over the period of time and damage the paints of your house walls. Therefore, you should be careful. If there is standing water on your roof, you should get it removed as soon as possible.

The materials which are used in the roofing of a building are mixtures of many materials and definitely have a certain time period after which they lose their optimal performance capability and you need to get it repaired or replaced depending upon the situation of the material.


  • The amount of heat which is gained or lost from the insulation of the roof is measured with the help of an infrared scan. The heat which is transmitted by the wet insulations of the roof is better as compared to the dry materials. Therefore infrared camera will detect the levels of heat which are more being radiated by the materials which are wet.
  • The nuclear isotopic meter is another method of checking the wetness inside the roof.
  • Electrical capacitance and resistance is another method of checking if the roof is wet and needs a repair. It works on the basic technique that wet materials are the electrical conductors.


A good roof inspection company should give your building a thorough inspection and should arrive very soon after your call.

Good roofing companies should be offering you the following;

  • The inspection of your building is free of cost and there should be no obligation to buy a repair.
  • The company should approach you under 48 hours of your call of the request.
  • Any repair work that the company does for you as a result of the inspection should have a warranty.


It’s in the beliefs of the JNS roofing and Construction Inc. company that if the job is done with all the honesty and hard work no matter what the outcome will stay on its grounds for years. The company is so much confident on their working method and techniques that they made a ‘’PROMISE’’ by backing their constructed roof with 60 years of warranty and they are really happy about it that more than half of century people will be covering their heads under the roofs of JNS Construction Inc.